Sue Gold Award

Sue Gould (along with her husband, Ron) was involved with the Lifestyle since the late 70’s. With three clubs (Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Louis), the Chicago Adventure Convention and the Rites of Spring Conclave, she was instrumental in the Midwest bringing a positive profile to the Lifestyle.


At the Chicago Adventure in 2004 she introduced the Windy Clitty Awards, which was the lifestyle industry’s awards from 2004-2007. Held in Chicago, they were the first awards to recognize and reward the hard work and innovation of lifestyle party planners and entrepreneurs. She worked as a board member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) and volunteered for many causes to help the lifestyle succeed.

She spoke at many colleges, always representing the Lifestyle in a positive manor in the press & TV. Her book, Happy Swinging, is considered one of the Lifestyles premier books for new couples. Her positive approach to life and people was a rare attribute that affected many people. She passed away in 2008 from Melanoma, a huge loss for the lifestyle in Chicago community and beyond. We have created a Sue Gould Memorial Award that will go to someone that has spent a considerable amount of their life fighting for the rights of swingers and the lifestyle industry. Similar to a lifetime achievement award, the Sue Gould Award will give recognition to this lifestyles most successful leaders.